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Haitian Industry Co., Ltd

Huilong River Industry Development Zone, Guangyuan, Sichuan, P.R. China

Tel: 0839-3422821(OFFICE )
0839-3422100(Sales department)
0839-3420320(purchasing department)
Fax: 0839-3424206
E-mail: [email protected]
Post Code: 628001

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  Haitian Group is one of the largest casing processing and exporting basement in Western China. Five companies are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Haitian Group, including Guangyuan Haitian Industry Co., ltd, Guangyuan Haipeng Biologic Technology Company Limited, Chengdu Wenjiang Tianfu Agricultural By-product Processing Factory, BOA Chengdu Co., Ltd, etc. It now has about 1000 staffs.

  At present, the group has already established 13 workshops and 22 production lines of casing; 6 workshops and 10 production lines of heparin sodium; 1 workshop and 6 production lines of dried porcine soluble; 1 workshop and 10 production lines of microbioecologics for feeding. ...

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Phone: 0839-3422100 Address: sichuan guangyuan city industrial development zone Eamil: [email protected]
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